Chanter, c'est prier deux fois

Participating in a choir offers many advantages:

  • First, to discover through an activity - singing - the fraternity that can exist in  your parish. By acting together, we often learn to know and appreciate one another thus experiencing community spirit .
  • Singing also means giving oneself the opportunity to better understand the meaning, the rhythm, the beauty of the liturgy. By participating in the choir, I give myself the opportunity to better understand and live my faith.
  • Singing is also a way of praying: it opens, for those who sing as well as those who listen, a space where God can pray in us, in a unique way.


Below is a list of choirs associated with the parishes of Granby. Do not hesitate to come and try!

« Lumière des Nations » Choir

The "Lumière des Nations" choir is a multicultural group of amateur singers.

It is a mixed choir with a dozen chorus singers.

To be part of the group, no musical knowledge is required.

Our choir is much more than an association, it is a rewarding social activity.

We have weekly rehearsals under the guidance of our singing instructor.

In addition to Christian masses, we also sing at weddings, birthdays or any other event for a small fee.



Romain Amla:  450 - 776 0054

Notre-Dame Parish

The choir of Notre-Dame sings mostly at the 11 am Sunday Mass at the St-Eugène Church.

  • Practices: Thursday nights, 7 pm - at 97 rue Laval Sud
  • Interested? Contact Nicole Perron, choir director 450 – 372 2196

We are always looking for good musicians, do not hesitate to contact us!

Saint-Joseph parish

Contact et information:

  • Chorale St-Luc : Marthe Lapierre au 450 - 994 56 90
  • Chorale Ste-Famille : Réal Côté au 450 - 378 58 22

Sainte-Trinité parish

Contact Serge Poulin at the parish office for more information


Saint Patrick's Church

À venir

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